Saturday, August 30, 2014

Infinite 2014 Season's Greeting Review

As it's already the end of August, I'm pretty late in buying and reviewing Infinite's 2014 calendar. But I'll do it anyways^^
This box is made of cardboard and works like a pizza box. And the front is so pretty, with the metallic lettering and bronze-gold design. As the cover of the box illustrates, this packaging includes a calendar, scheduler and DVD. As Woollim merged with SM, this is the same exact format as SM artists' calendars.
The calendar is on top, and underneath is the scheduler placed in a flimsy, thin cardboard platform, both in individual resealable plastic bags. The calendar is 8.6875 inches by just under 11.5 inches, including the spiral.
The calendar is really lovely, as it has a sturdy, folding board that allows it to stand well. The pages are made of high quality card stock. What was the really big turnoff that made me not buy this calendar for so long, however, is the marketing concept of calling Infinite "Lovely Seven Boyfriends" on the title (not just the awkward grammar, but the fact that it's boyfriends) and "hottest boyfriends" on the following page. I love Infinite for not just their looks, but actually for their talent, as they are a music group and they're supposed to sing, so calling them "boyfriends" and "hottest" is just so irrelevant and is just embarrassing to look at. And this cover photo is my most favorite photo of Infinite ever, but SM just had to ruin it with its wording.
The first few pages has a calendar of the entire year and Infinite's printed autograph and messages. Besides the members' messages written in Korean, the rest of the calendar and the scheduler are all in English. Infinite's birthdays and anniversary are printed on the calendar too. The last few pages includes a January 2015 page, two group photos, and a global year calendar for China, US, Thailand and Taiwan.
Each month has two photos, with seven months being the same members' photos per month and the other months being group photos or more individual photos. Each month is displayed in two ways: one with all the dates in one line and the other in a traditional grid format.
Slipped into the last page is a sheet of stickers to mark specific dates on the calendar.
The schedule uses photos from only the tough an dark photoshoot. The cover is black with diamond cutouts reveals each member's photo underneath. It's 5.375 inches by 7.25 inches and .375 of an inch thick, which is perfect for putting it in a backpack if anyone actually would be willing to use it.
The first half includes a 2014 calendar, two group photos, a scheduler by month, a scheduler by week, and two photos of each member spread throughout the scheduler.
The second half has lined paper, blank paper, graph paper and paper split into thirds, with one photo taking up two pages per member.
Attached to the back is a folder for the DVD. On the back is also a holographic seal.
On the DVD it states that it's for Region 3, but I was able to play it on my American laptop. This DVD has two special features, titled "2014 Infinite Season's Greeting" and "Special Message To Infinite." Both are in Korean with no subtitles. The first feature is 7 minutes 10 seconds long and plays the instrumental version of "Destiny" in the background, which is so beautiful; I don't know why it wasn't included in The Origin! This has the behind the scenes of the black leather outfit photoshoot used for the scheduler, starting with the group shots and then individual shots. The individual shots also include each member's message to Inspirits. At the end they included the gorgeous white outfit group shots used in the calendar. ㅠㅠ SM why WHY must you put the stupid "boyfriend" thing to ruin the most gorgeous photoshoot ever The second feature is 3 minutes 18 seconds long and plays the instrumental of "Nothing Better Than This." Each member gives a short message to the next member, forming a chain; here was the order: Sunggyu to L, then L to Woohyun, continuing down to Dongwoo, Sungjong, Hoya, Sungyeol and back to Sunggyu.
I'm so glad I held off buying it until I came to Korea, because my purchase came with a poster! This poster came rolled up with an Everysing paper holding it together...a sign of SM lurking around -.- The poster is 23.5 inches by 16.5 inches and is pure perfection!

Overall, besides the annoying "boyfriends" concept, I love this product and really regret buying it so late into the year! The calendar is really high quality and looks amazing on my shelf. I never thought I'd buy such an expensive calendar, but now I feel like I'll have to buy the Season's Greeting every year!

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