Sunday, August 31, 2014

Infinite That Summer Concert 2 Merchandise Review (Part 3)

I'm finally finishing off the unboxing of my final two items from That Summer Concert 2, the light stick and the poster set.

Infinite Official Light Stick
Inspirits finally have an official light stick, and I'm so happy that it doesn't look tacky or childish, but rather very elegant and precious! Even just the box is so pretty.
Inside, the light stick is wedged on a platform, along with a strap. Underneath the platform is a manual.
The manual is in Korean, but it gives a nice diagram of the light stick as well.
The back of the box, as well as the back of the manual, state the technical information in English. Originally the information was printed directly on the box, but then they put a sticker on top...maybe there was a misprint. The light stick needs three AAA batteries to operate (which the concert venue sold a set for 1,000 ₩). Also when you turn on the light stick, it can either flicker, blink or remain on.
To put in the batteries, just unscrew the bottom of the stick and it's pretty easy to figure it out from there. Also there is a little hole for you to attach the strap.
The strap is made of plastic and shoelace material, with the OTT logo and New Challenge font printed on both sides.
Now onto the actual light stick, which again is just so pretty! The handle is curved ergonomically, with "Infinite" printed on one side, and the one power button on the other side. The base of the top part has the OTT logo on four sides.
The top half has an exterior clear plastic with gold flecks, and inside has the OTT logo. There are three LED bulbs on top of the logo that are white, and four at the bottom of the logo, which are orange. It also looks like inside the logo there are a few orange lights as well, but it might just be the seven exterior lights reflecting into the logo. The very top has a gold cover with the logo and font cut out of the cover, to create shadows on the walls and whatnot (though I couldn't really figure it out). To prevent anything from following inside the light stick, there is a clear plastic cover attached from the underside of the cover. Also it is a little big, as all fancy light sticks are, as the diameter is 3.875 inches and the height is 8 inches. I'm so happy Infinite finally has an official light stick, that it was released in time for this concert (and I'm sorry for 4th Generation Inspirits who were supposed to have goods only meant for them...) and that I was able to buy one at the source!

Poster Set
This poster set includes nine posters and comes in a very wide, heavy duty tube 4 inches in diameter and just shy of 18 inches in height.
The posters are placed inside a clear plastic bag-like tube that protects both ends.
Because the tube is so wide, even right when I take out the stack of posters, they're pretty flat and only the ends are curled up. The posters are 16.25 inches by 23 inches.
Here are the nine posters! In the tube, it was the two group posters first, then the individual posters from oldest to youngest. As you can see, the theme is the Colors of Infinite, so the clothes and backgrounds are the members' designated colors. The backgrounds also have a pattern matching their colorful article of clothing. I don't like how bold all these colors are...I wish they did something more like the group photos!

And that's it for the That Summer Concert 2 merchandise reviews!

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